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Customization continues on the Stepside

by Kyle Tomita on Fri, Nov 12th, 2010 | Client Vehicles, Fabrication

At PSI, we don't just throw an engine and transmission into a car for an engine swap, but make it look as if the engine was meant to be there.  We add finer details that add to overall appearance and functionality of an engine swapped vehicle.  The fabrication continues, on the Chevy Stepside L92 swap, with the exhaust system and a few finishing touches. 

blog stepside on rack

To muffle the V8, Alex Laventure is fabricating an exhaust system that incoporates two Magnaflow mufflers. 

blog Custom exhaust on L92 powered Chevy Stepside 0003

 The headers dump directly into a straight pipe that goes to two Magnaflow mufflers and finally exits out the side. 

blog Custom exhaust on L92 powered Chevy Stepside 0002

A crossover pipe is incorporated to equalize back pressure and give the exhaust a better tone. 

blog Custom exhaust on L92 powered Chevy Stepside 0004

The exhausts exit out behind the doors and right in front of the rear wheels. 

An upgraded fuel system was needed for this new engine setup.  A Walbro fuel pump and new lines and adapters were used.  The fuel pump and lines are tucked behind the frame of the truck.  However, they run in close proximity to the exhaust system and therefore need to be protected. 

blog fuel system

The fuel system is exposed to the headers, if not shielded. 

blog fuel shield chevy step side installed

A Technician fabricated a heat shield for the fuel system.  His design allows for the stock mounting for the emergency brake hanger. 

blog fuel shield