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Formula Drift: Seattle

by Branden Scalera on Thu, Jul 31st, 2014 | Events and Shows, Formula Drift, From the Web, General, Media Coverage, Motorsports, Tuerckd

We started our journey to Monroe, Wa. at 5am Thursday morning. 

The track was still pretty empty when we arrived.

We unloaded the trailer and got everything set up and ready for practice. We decided to bring our Skyline along on this trip.

Matt Coffmans car was next to be unloaded. 

Our three cars unloaded and pit are all set up. 

OPB was onsite filming the Coffman Racing crew.

Matt getting in some practice runs.

Tuerck was against Mike Pollard in top 32.

Tuerck won the battle to advance on to top 16.

Coffman was against Forsberg in top 32.

He put up a really good fight, but unfortunately lost.

However he also ran in Pro 2.

Ryan checkin out some footage inbetween heats while the team freshens up the car.

Jeff Wolfsons aimgain kit spent some quality time with the wall.

Rob Primo had a major accident that ended his weekend.

The weather was pretty good for most of the weekend.

For the top 16 lineup Tuerck took out his dads dog in place of an umbrella girl. Along with Retaks nieces. 

In top 16 we were against Ken Gushi. 

Both drivers were flawless. Resulting in a one more time.

Unfortunately we lost the battle which ended our weekend.  All in all it was a great event and we cant wait 'till texas.

We'll see ya there.