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Infiniti G37S returns

by Kyle Tomita on Fri, Jan 7th, 2011 | Client Vehicles, Suspension

One of our client's brought back his G37S. 

If you remember, this is the car that we installed a Stillen supercharger and HKS exhaust.  Here is the previous post in case you missed it, http://blog.tunedbypsi.com/supercharged-2008-infiniti-g37s/

The G37S did not return because of problems but to have upgrades installed.  The client has been driving his G37S daily and is really enjoying the added power.  These power adders increased horsepower and torque by 120 and 70 respectively. 

With this increase in power, the client wanted to increase the handling performance. 

Left to right: SPC front upper control arms and SPC rear lower control arms

Left to Right: Hawk Performance HPS brake pads and dba rotors

The KW coilovers allow the car to handle better and increase aesthetic appeal by lowering the car.  SPC control arms were installed in the front and rear to adjust camber.  The rear lower control arms were also modified to allow for toe adjustment.  The upgraded dba brake rotors and Hawk Performance pads provide the car with the stopping ability to match its power. 

After installing a new suspension setup, a proper alignment is very important. 

Whenever modifying a car, balance is key.  It will posess the power, handling, and braking to match.  The entire package is what will provide the best driving experience, and this car now has it.  The owner recently picked up a set of Vossen wheels.