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Upgrades for a Subaru WRX

by Kyle Tomita on Thu, Nov 10th, 2011 | Client Vehicles, Suspension, Tuning

The Subaru WRX has been a popular platform for modifications over the generations and the new third generation is no different. A client recently brought in his WRX for a few performance upgrades, including a Cobb Accessport.

Most of the modifications focused on reducing airflow restrictions on the Boxer engine. A Perrin intake and front mount intercooler (FMIC) allow better air flow and lower intake temperatures.

White WRX with Perrin Products

A Perrin catless downpipe and turbo back exhaust were also installed.  A Cobb AccessPort was used to reflash the ECU to get the full benefits on these performance upgrades.

Here is a video of the dyno run:

This new setup produces 309 whp to the wheels.

The WRX also received some upgrades in the suspension department. The stock components were replaced with Tanabe Sustec Pro Five coil overs. These give the WRX the lowered stance and increased handling performance the owner was looking for.

White Subaru WRX on the dyno at PSI

The Tanabe Electronic Active Suspension (TEAS) system was also installed to adjust the dampening of the coil overs to further improve handling.