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another engine swap

by Kyle Tomita on Tue, Nov 9th, 2010 | Client Vehicles, Fabrication

Engine swaps have always been around.  People having been swaping large big-blocks in their cars for a long time.  Recently the Chevy LS engine has been a popular engine to swap into a wide variety of platforms.  The size and power of the LS V8 has made it a popular engine to swap into import cars.  We have put an LS into a Nissan 240sx and a 350z and currently working on putting an LS3 into a 280z. 

Evergreen Pro-Am Round 3 16

In this 240sx, the buit LS2 replaces the previously swapped in turbo SR20 that replaced a N/A KA.

The LS is a popular engine for drift cars because the powerband of the V8 is more linear than that of a comparable turbo 4 or 6 cylinder engine, which is ideal for drifting.

Along with these projects, we have started swapping different engines into older Chevy step-sides. 

blog stepside on rackWe are currently working on installing a L92 V8 into a 1979 Chevy Step-side.  This L92 has upgraded cams and puts out about 450hp. 

blog red stepside engine

blog red stepside on dyno

Of course we put the truck on our dyno, so check back for a video and numbers soon.